What to Expect

New patients will meet with Dr. Garth over three appointments.  The first appointment is a comprehensive consultation where Dr. Garth obtains a complete medical history.  The second appointment consists of an extended physical exam.  Dr. Garth conducts a full battery of tests, measuring everything from range of motion to grip strength. Dr. Garth uses the information from the first two appointments to determine the specific X-rays needed.

Once your X-rays are completed, Dr. Garth will analyze each X-ray looking for bone health, alignment, the degrees out of alignment and your percentage loss of curve.  This means that your X-ray results are quantitative, real numbers, not a subjective interpretation of the results.

Dr. Garth will adjust you exactly off your X-Rays and will develop a specific spinal rehabilitation program to restore normal curves to the spine.  Your specific plan will be explained in detail at your report of findings. Your spinal rehabilitation exercise program will be designed off your X-Rays. And now you are on the road to health and happiness!